Real Value Campervans Review – The Good and Bad of Real Value

Real Value Campervan hire

Review: Real Value Campervans is often one of the cheapest Australian campervan hire companies that you will find, but have quality vehicles. How can this be? After all you get what you pay for in this world and campervan hire  is no different, right? Read on and find out just why Real Value Campervan Hire can offer both quality and affordability that others can’t.

Real Value Campervans – What’s So Special

Real Value Campervans - Campervan Hire AustraliaThe special thing about Real Value Campervans is that they are an aggregator of the best quality vehicles they can source from a 3rd party. i.e. another campervan company. This way, they don’t carry the costs of owning the vehicles and can get a great wholesale price for sub-hiring from another company on a large scale. This is massively beneficial to you the campervan renter, as you get get highly discounted prices on quality vehicles owned by a reputable campervan hire company. Real Value campervans enters in to agreements with campervan rental companies to sub least their vehicles. They then don’t mark up the vehicle to the full discount given to them and, voila, you have a discount on the vehicle passed on to you. Real Value are still winning by making a margin on the wholesale price given to them, and you are winning because they don’t put on the full margin that they could.


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It only makes good business sense on behalf of Real Value Campervans to source the best quality vehicles they can so that you will be blown away by a Real Value rental. Real Value has a special relationship with the booking engine run on this site, so you are probably not going to find them anywhere else, and that’s a benefit to you now that you have found us. It is through the strength of this booking engine that Real Value can get the traffic it needs to be able to get the discounts it does.

They have depots all over the country but will depend on which campervan hire company they have a deal with in the city of your choosing to know where those depot will be. Naturally, all this will be identified during the booking process and you will be given all the details you need so that you can have a great campervan hire experience.

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Cheap campervan hire

Plenty of depots nationally

Plenty of models to choose from


Don't own the campervans so the servicing might not be up to scratch

Makes for 3 parties in the mix - you, them and the owning company

SUMMARY: Real Value Campervans definitely offer some of the best prices for campervans in their market segment and should be considered a “must” when getting quotes.

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