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List of Campervan Hire Companies and Reviews

Below is a list of every campervan hire company in Australia. Click on the link for any company to read the REVIEW and COMMENTS by previous renters for that company.

Come back and POST YOUR THOUGHTS  once you have hired from one of these companies.


review Apollo campers Australia

Apollo Campers Australia Review – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Apollo Campers All Over Australia Whilst driving in Australia,  you are probably going to see more Apollo branded vehicles on Australian roads…

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Britz Campervan Hire Australia

Britz Campervans Australia Review – The Best and Worst of Britz

Britz is the largest campervan company in Australia. They are everywhere, both in terms of depots and the vehicles that you will see on the road.…

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Cheapa Campa logo

Cheapa Campa Review – The Good and The Bad

Cheapa Campa Australia is part of the Apollo campervan family and as such their vehicles are very similar. Ahh, who are we kidding, their vehicles…

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Hippie Campers Australia Review

Hippie Campers Australia Review – The best and worst of Hippie

Hippie Campers are part of the Apollo group of campervan hire companies, however they have a much smaller vehicle selection than most of the other…

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Jucy campervan hire

Jucy Campervan Hire Review – Very Jucy or Not So Much?

JUCY Australia is a dynamic campervan rental company focussing on the youth market looking for quality campers. They operate mainly on the east…

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Kea Motorhomes 6 berth

Kea Australia Review – The Best and Worst of Kea

UPDATE: As of April 2016, Kea has been taken over by Maui. Since 2012 both Kea and Maui have been owned by THL. After 4 years of running both brands…

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Maui Australia

Maui Australia Review – The Best and Worst of Maui

UPDATE: As of April 2016, Maui has absorbed Kea Campers in Australia and New Zealand, meaning that there are now even more vehicles in the…

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Mighty campers logo

Mighty Campers Review – The Good and The Bad

Mighty Campers is part of the THL group that also owns Maui and Britz, in Australia and New Zealand and operates Road Bear RV in the US. (They also…

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Wicked campervan review

Wicked Campers Review – Are They Really Wicked

Ah, Wicked Campers. The most polarizing campervan hire company in the country. You'll either love them or hate them. With each van individually…

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Around Australia Motorhomes review - campervan hire australia

Around Australia Motorhomes Review – Luxury or dud?

UPDATE: July 2016: Around Australia Motorhomes has rebranded as Lets Go Motohomes. A full update of this review will be coming shortly, but most of…

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australian campers

AutoRent Hertz Review – The Best and Worst of AutoRent

AutoRent Hertz is a Tasmanian campervan and motorhome business. With decades of experience, they know exactly what it takes to make a great campervan…

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Campervan hire australia reviews - Awesome Campers

Awesome Campers Review – Just how Awesome are they?

Awesome Campers is an all Aussie owned and operated campervan hire company aimed at the budget traveller. Awesome Campers campervan hire fleet is…

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camperman campervan review

Camperman Campervans Review – Are they worth it?

 Camperman Campervans are based on the east coast of Australia and have depots in all the major cities (including Adelaide), but it also has them…

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Comet Campers - campervan hire australia

Comet Campers Review – the best and worst of Comet

Comet Campers sub lease their fleet from another campervan hire company. There are a number of campervan hire companies that do this and generally it…

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Campervan Hire Australia - Energi motorhomes

Energi Motorhomes Review – The Good and Bad of Energi

In this review of we'll see that Energi Motorhomes is aimed at the mid range to budget campervan hire market. It has 2,3 and 4 berth campervans but…

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Go Cheap Motorhomes Review – Too cheap?

Go Cheap Motorhomes is situated in Tasmania and Queensland - an odd combination. They are related to related to Cruisin Motorhomes that runs the…

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Real Value Campervan hire

Real Value Campervans Review – The Good and Bad of Real Value

Review: Real Value Campervans is often one of the cheapest Australian campervan hire companies that you will find, but have quality vehicles. How can…

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Spaceships camperva hire logo

Spaceships Campervans Review – What’s The Difference?

Spaceships Campervans were winners of the 2011 and 2013 Golden Backpacker Award in the category: Best Car / Campervan Rental Australia: With no…

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Star RV Sydney

Star RV Motorhomes Review – Luxury or rip off?

Star RV are aimed at the absolute luxury, premiere, first class market of RV and Motorhome rental enthusiasts. They have a presence in the…

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Travellers Autobarn campervan hire

Travellers Autobarn Review – The Best and Worst of T.A.

Travellers Autobarn rents campervans that cater for between 2 and 5 people. They also rent cars in the form of station wagons and sedans for those…

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Travel Wheels Campervan Hire Review

Travelwheels Campervans Review – The good and bad of Travelwheels Australia

Travelwheels - Budget Campervan Hire Company, Australia Do you want to explore Australia in a fun, exciting and cost effective way? Rent or Buy a…

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Campervan Hire Australia

Advance Campervan Rentals Review – The Good and Bad of Advance

Advance Campervan Rentals is a family owned and operated business in Newcastle. The company offers you luxury motorhomes and campervans to…

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campervan hire

All Seasons Campervans Review – How Good is All Seasons

All Seasons is an excellent way to explore Australia in style. All Seasons Campervans offers a wide range of affordable campervan hire from seven…

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campervan hire

All2Ezy Campervans Review – The Good and Bad of All2Ezy

All2Ezy Campervans is an Australian family-owned business offering Campervans for hire. Their campervans are safe, reliable, well maintained and…

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Autosleepers Campervan hire

Autosleepers Campervan Hire Review

Autosleepers Campervan Hire is also Allseasons Campervans with a whole other website and name. Why they have 2 company names and websites I don't…

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Barefoot Camper Hire Review

Barefoot Camper Hire Review – The Finer Details

Barefoot Camper Hire is family owned and operated and tends to center itself around the Gold Coast in Queensland. They have a limited fleet that is 2…

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2 Berth Campervan

Bargain Car Rentals Review – The best and Worst of Bargin

Bargain Car Rentals have a range of great value hire cars in which you can explore and enjoy Tasmania. Their range of vehicles include cars,…

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Bear Rentals 4wd campervan hire

Bear Rentals 4wd Campervan Hire Review

Bear Rentals is a niche 4wd campervan hire company based mainly in Sydney, but with a presence in Cairns (North Queensland). They are small company…

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Boomerang Campers rentaljpeg

Boomerang Campers Review – The Good and Bad of Boomerang

Boomerang Campers is an Australian campervan hire company that offers travellers a great way to explore Australia with the freedom and independence…

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Byron Bay Campers Review – Will You Be Happy Camper?

Byron Bay Campers is a short and long-term campervan hire in Byron Bay and the surrounding areas. Byron Bay Campers is a family owned business.…

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Calypso Campervans Rentals Review- Moving to the Beat of Calypso

There are lots of reasons why you might want to rent your campervan or motorhome from Calypso Campervans, but one of the biggest is the fact they are…

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Campabout Oz Review – The Good and Bad of Campabout

Campabout OZ is a family-owned business offering one of the widest range of campervans for hire in Western Australia. With models ranging…

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campervans hire

Camperworld Review – Are They Really Worth It?

Camperworld is a family owned and operated campervan hire business in Perth, WA. They offer a high level of assistance and personalised service that…

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Captain Billy’s 4WD Hire Review – The Best and Worst of Captain Billy’s

Located in Cairns, Captain Billy’s 4WD Hire offer what they consider to be the safest 4WD hire vehicles for off-road conditions. The company's…

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camper for hire

Cruisin Tasmania Review – The Best and Worst of Cruisin

Cruisin Tasmania is one of Tasmania's premier Motorhomes and Campervans rental companies. They have an excellent range of campervans and motorhomes…

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Drive Beyond Campervan Hire review

Drive Beyond Campervan Hire – Something Different For The Adventurous?

Drive Beyond are a relatively new company specializing in 4wd (4x4) rental across Australia. We haven't had a chance to really dive into the nitty…

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Driveabout Campers Review

Driveabout Campers are a discount campervan hire company. Their target market is the backpacker or those looking for a lower price and are willing…

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easylife rentals

Easylife Rentals Review – How Easy is Life with Easylife

Easylife Rentals is a small Australian company offering affordable motorhomes and campervans for hire. The company, which can be found in Mooloolah…

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campers for hire

Exmouth Camper Hire Review – The Good and Bad

Exmouth Camper Hire offers travellers a range of mobile accommodation to suit every need. Their all in one mobile accommodation solutions range from…

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4WD hire

Go Camper Review – Are they worth it?

Go Camper is more than just campers it seems to have every form of travel you might need. They have campervan hire, motorhome hire, Kombi hire,…

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6 Berth Motorhome

Go Kombi Review

Go Kombi is part of Go Camper which, apart from these little beauties, also offers “normal” campervan and motorhome hire in Perth. They have…

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Kangaroo Campers

Kangaroo Campervans Review – The Good and The Bad

Kangaroo Campervans was started as a family  business in 1998 and is still run that way. It has, generally, older model vehicles and is more aimed…

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compare prices

Keen As Campers Review – The Best and Worst of Keen

Keen As Campers operate in the budget marker and are doing a very good job of giving the market leaders a run for their money. All their vans are…

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campers for hire

Serenity Motorhome Review – Luxury or Dud?

Serenity Motorhome is an Australian family owned and operated business. The company provides motorhome, RV and campervan hire to those looking to…

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camper van

Tasmania Campers Review – How Good is Tasmania Campers

Tasmania Campers offers a good selection of camper’s and motorhomes that are designed to suit the needs of all types of travellers. Based in…

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Campervan Rentals

Tasmania Campervan Rentals Review – What’s The Difference?

Located just minutes away from Hobart Airport, Tasmania Campervan Rentals. Their campervans give clients one of the best way to experience all that…

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Tasmanian Campervan Hire Review – Just How Great is Tasmanian

Tour Tasmania in a well equipped Campervan or camper from Tasmanian Campervan Hire. Based in Hobart Tasmania, the campervan hire company offers…

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campers for hire

Tassie Motor Shacks Review – The best and worst of Tassie

Tassie Motor Shacks claims to be the cheapest campervan mob in Tasmania. That is always up for debate so it is always a good idea to compare prices.…

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Totally Campers Review – The Best and Worst of Totally

Come on, get out there in a Campervan for the start of a great adventure with Totally Campers. Economical, well equipped and so easy to handle…

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australian camper

Travel Car Centre Review – What’s The Difference?

Travel Car Centre is an Australian campervan hire company that provides quality campers to customers throughout the country. The company has its…

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camper hire Australia

Viva Campers Review – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

With locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Viva Campervans offers campervan hire to clients wishing to travel…

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Campervan Hire Australia - campervan hire company reviews

Campervan Hire Australia Reviews

This is the most extensive list of campervan hire companies in Australia. If you know of another that has not been reviewed, then please contact us, we would love to review another campervan hire company in Australia. Hopefully this list has every campervan hire company in Australia in it. It is our goal to achieve that.

Campervan hire selection can be a tricky thing; staff change, vehicles get old, companies go through tough times and campervan companies that were once good, go bad. Alternatively campervan companies that were once cheap and nasty, improve. Take a look at the review comments over time and see if there is a common thread across a long time.

It is clear that more people tend to review a campervan hire company when they have had a bad experience. From this, you might be able to take the idea that if there are very few comments or personal reviews about a camper company then they may be alright as no one has come along to complain about them. That seems like backward logic, but generally you can assume each company has customers or they would no longer be in business. If there are no negative complaints about them, then they must have happy customers and hence no on has made a negative comment about them here.

If you hire a campervan, let us know what you think – good or bad. Chances are that camper company is listed on this site. If its not let us know a give a review of them at the same time. Just head on over to the contact page and get in touch with us.


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