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30+ campervan hire companies to choose from lists and reviews every campervan hire company in Australia. Compare campervan rental prices, make bookings and read reviews all in one place. No other online resource will give you such complete comparative information, price and booking opportunities.Tim Ahern - Founder

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Rental Company Reviews:

Campervan Hire Australia

Looking to get an insight on which camper company to go with?


Then you’ve come to the right place. lists every campervan hire company in Australia and allows renters to add in their own experiences and thoughts. Just scroll through the comments at the bottom of each review to find out what real renters of the campers think.

Massive Selection

Not only does our booking engine deal with all the major campervan firms in Australia like Britz, Apollo, Maui, Cheapa, Mighty, Jucy and the like, it also gives prices of some of the camper rental mobs you might not have heard of – Camperman, Spaceships, Real Value, Calypso, Cruisin’. These are just some of the more popular RV rental companies that are not on everyone’s radar but should be. Only at do you get such a selection to book with and a review and customer feedback to boot.


Renting a campervan in Australia can be one of the most rewarding ways of traveling this big, brown land. You can make your itinerary up daily. Stay where you like for as long as you like. Get to places when buses of tourists are gone. Get to places the buses of tourists don’t go! With your campervan hire you can live the dream of being able to float on the breeze and go where your travel whims take you.

Campervan, RV, Motorhome; whatever you want to call it, whatever size or quality you want it to be, it is ultimate freedom of travel.

Don’t just visit Australia, experience it.

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The Best Known Brands
All the top campervan hire companies. Britz campervans, Apollo campers, Maui, Mighty, Hippie Campers and more. Reviews, price comparison, discounts and bookings available for all the best campervan hire companies.
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Plenty of brands you might not have heard of. Get pricing for UP TO 35 campervan hire companies. More than nearly any other booking engine.
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4WD and 4x4 campervan hire too. Looking to go really off-road. Prices and reviews available for all the best 4wd camper hire companies.
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